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Brief Introduction on Automobile Coating
Creatime: 2012-11-15

Automobile coating right now not only decorates but also functions well in shock and degradation resistance. It develops dramatically under the consciousness of decoration and environmental protection.

  Automobile coating consists of under pigment, middle pigment and surface pigment. At present, the surface pigment in the market is very bright and dazzling, which attaches close relations with coating and spraying technology.

  Surface pigment includes metallic effect pigment and flat pigment. It uses waterborne coatings more frequently than before because it can shape the flow direction of the aluminum powder. During this process, the metallic effect is well presented. As this technology is well developed, it has been accepted by more and more automobile producers. According to GM, most of the producers would have been used waterborne metallic coatings by 2020.

  Different cars require different coating methods. General automobiles need three layers, which are under pigment, middle pigment and surface pigment. Other luxury ones need four to five layers so that they can meet the outlook.

  The total thickness of the coating is from 100 micrometers to 160 micrometers. From the bottom to the top are 18-25 micrometers, 40 micrometers, 35-45 micrometers and 40-45 micrometers respectively.