Jiangsu TianYuan(SKYPOTM ™) Metal Powder Co.,Ltd as the most competitiveness manufacturer and supplier of fine spherical aluminum powder in China, aluminum powder with following characteristic:

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·Jiangsu Tianyuan now owns the annual production capacity of 6000 tons of new automatic classification of aluminum powder production line,and already achieves on production of annual output of 3000 tons superfine spherical aluminum powder, 1000 tons photovoltaic conductive ultra-fine aluminum powder, we become the leading manufacturer of photovoltaic conductive paste aluminum powder industry in inland China.
Our device is currently the most mature and advanced technology equipment in industry, the device’s features are as follows;

·Reliable product quality: the main part of the aluminum production together as a whole, form a closed system, the implementation of automatic control, both to ensure the safety of production process, but also improves the overall quality of the product, such as spherical, activated alumina content etc.

·Powder of high yield: use the special purpose of atomizer,improved by the engineering and technicians, the structure is more scientific and rational, can produce a median diameter D50 between the 0-5um, diameter of a variety of specifications of products, and 17um or less (i.e. D50≤17um) powder yield of 90% above.

·Higher classification accuracy: a unique of size grading system can be isolated once of different particle size of the product, particle size can be regulated between 0≤D50≤50um, classification accuracy of interval reachable up to ±1um

·We will continue to expand product model, intensive processing of aluminum and expansion of derivative products, and strive within 3 to 5 years, become an influential manufacturer and supplier of superfine aluminum powder and other fine powder in inland China and Asia-Pacific region.