Jiangsu TianYuan(SKYPOTM ™) Metal Powder Co.,Ltd as the most competitiveness manufacturer and supplier of fine spherical aluminum powder in China, aluminum powder with following characteristic:

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·Over the years, Jiangsu Tianyuan (SKYPO™) continually searching the new technology and new process in metal powder territory, and has been with many domestic renowned colleges and universities, National testing and experiment centre cooperation together, get through various ways of developing and technical import, acquired the new research achievement and transform to realistic type of new technology of the company.

·Strict implementation of China’s National military standard GJB1738-93, to produce high quality spherical luminum powder. All index of Tianyuan products were met and exceeded the National military standards; and reach U.S. military standards for all state specifications.

·Product detection system, using the current general international laser particle size analysis and particle size
analysis of gravity settling, Therefore, we can detect user requests and provide with different method of test report

·Company awarded ISO9001-2000 of National Quality Management System certification. All along, our quality products are according to the highest standards on production.

·At the beginning of 2011, we set up our sales head office and international trade department in Shanghai, in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers. Our customer service system is providing with full and circumspect technical and business service to all clients.

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