Jiangsu TianYuan(SKYPOTM ™ ) Metal Powder Co.,Ltd as the most competitiveness manufacturer and supplier of fine spherical aluminum powder in China, aluminum powder with following characteristic:

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With the continuous progress of science and technology and related industries with improvement requirements, non-spherical aluminum powder is gradually being substitute by superior quality spherical aluminum powder. Currently, our superfine spherical aluminum powder and its processed products can be mainly used in the following industry areas:

1) Solar Photovoltaic Conductive Pastes
2) Top Grade Metallic Pigment
3) Chemicals (chemical catalytic agent, Pesticide additive)
4) Military industry
5) Composite Materials (thermal spraying composite coating, ceramic composite steel pipe)
6) Metallurgy ( aluminothermy smelting steel deoxidizer )
7) Refractory Materials ( steel furnace magnesia carbon bricks, refractory fiber)
8) Building Material (aerated concrete foaming agent)
9) New Type Material (sealants, adhesives, Building and Decoration Materials)
10) Anticorrosion Material (Ship conductive coating)