Jiangsu TianYuan(SKYPOTM ™ ) Metal Powder Co.,Ltd as the most competitiveness manufacturer and supplier of fine spherical aluminum powder in China, aluminum powder with following characteristic:

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      Jiangsu Tianyuan Metal Powder Co., Ltd. has established in July 2003, specializing in research and development, production and supply of aluminum powder, spherical aluminum powder, atomized aluminum powder, fine aluminum powder, high purity spherical aluminum powder, aluminum powder for aluminum paste, aluminum powder for photovoltaic solar pastes and aluminum powder for refractory material.
      It now owns two modern aluminum powder production lines and with the annual production capacity of 6000,000 kg to produce high-quality spherical aluminum powder. Nitrogen atomization method has the following privileges: high percent fine powder, good activation and shape, production safety etc. The product can applicable for photovoltaic, high-grade metallic pigments, chemicals, electronics, aerospace, metallurgical industries and so on.
      For the past few years, Jiangsu Tianyuan Metal Powder Co., Ltd continuously developing production technology and optimized product application, become the professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminum powder in China and Asia-Pacific region.
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