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TB20, Distributed Fieldbus I/O System   

The TB20 distributed fieldbus I/O system from Systeme Helmholz has been developed from customer feedback and incorporates a multitude of practical features.

This innovative system permits the advantages of decentralised I/O to be applied to a wide variety of applications.  

With TB20  a uniform solution can be applied to different distributed applications.  Bus couplers for PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET IO, CANopen, Modbus/TCP, EtherNet/IP and  EtherCAT are all

available.  The system can therefore be used with PLCs from several different manufacturers.

I/O modules have three components; a front connector, the electronic module, and the base module.  They are delivered as a single assembly and can be installed by simply clicking onto the mounting rail.  Only a single order number is required for each assembly.


TB20 Features

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   Easy to handle compact design

   Hot pluggable system

•   Bus couplers for PROFIBUS, PROFINET,

    CANopen, Modbus, EtherNet and EtherCAT

   Bus couplers incorporate power supply

•   Front connectors have spring type terminals

   I/O modules delivered as single assemblies

•   Digital and  analogue I/O modules

•   High speed counter and positional modules.

•   Communication modules

•   TB20 ToolBox software for design and testing



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